History of Online Work in Pakistan

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May 25, 2018
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History of Online Work in Pakistan

Internet Provision in Pakistan:
The vibrant and most dynamic landscape of media is the identity of Pakistan in South
Asia. Around three decades ago, most of the communications in Pakistan were carried out
through Radio, Television and newspaper till the availability of the internet in the early 90’s. 
The usage of the internet was considerably slower in the beginning and the population using the
facility of internet till 2001 was only 1.3%, however, the industry of Information and
Technology (ICT) has now become one of the most rapidly growing industries in Pakistan.
According to data collected in April 2014, there are roughly 70 million inhabitants of Pakistan
using the facility of internet, which is approximately 1/3rd of the country’s population.
E-Trading in Pakistan: 
 So, with the increasing usage of internet facility, the concept of e-commerce was
introduced in Pakistan. Different mediums of electronic media like cellular phones, fax
machines, computers, automated teller machines (ATM) utilized for trading of goods and
services in Pakistan provided the base of Pakistan’s e-trading and online work. However, with
time, many other applications were introduced to facilitate day to day business using the internet
and making trading and business activities smooth and swift.
Online Services in Pakistan:
  Several online services are offered both in the Public and Private sector of Pakistan.
nearly, all the banks are offering the services of online banking, In the traveling sector, many
private and public airlines and bus services are now offer e-ticketing. Similarly, several food
chains are providing the facility of ordering and payment, using mobile apps. 
  Realizing the potential of e-commerce application in terms of their efficiency,
compliance with international standards and cost reduction, it paved out the ways for other
sectors like education, technology services, marketing, and consultation to be performed using
internet facilities, and gradually all these services started to grow in online work in Pakistan.
Smart Phones and Social Media:
Large penetration of smartphones and usage of social media including Facebook played
the role of the game-changer in the online working industry of Pakistan, currently, almost 32
million citizens of Pakistan are using Facebook, and it leads the social media power with
millions of connections and active user. Other social media sources including Twitter, Skype
and TikTok are also providing an enormous source of online work in Pakistan with increasing
active user and introduction of more and more interesting and interactive features, other poular

option of online work in Pakistan are including YouTube with paid and informative advertising
of products and services and an impressive audience. Instagram is also creating the opportunity
for work with many influencers and provision of different services through day to day
advertisement by influencers in their daily life
Therefore, and several local companies now use social media to promote their products
and services. Hundreds and Thousands of retailers ranging from software Houses to Clothing
merchants, embraced online businesses using e-commerce are now using websites and other
online platforms like social media to advertise and sell their products and services to potential
The economy of Pakistan is expecting a large boom in the field of online work and e-
commerce with increasing access and usage of the internet by every year.
Digital Marketing and Online Work trends:
  Due to rapid increase in national and international market search, digital marketing and
advertising, minimum risk in money transactions, the greatest expansion in the field of online
work in Pakistan is in the trading sector.
The focus of online work is mainly derived by consumer products and services. The
provision of online services and buying and selling of products through internet raise many
queries, which create a large market place for online working force.
Similarly the financial managements of the companies including data management and
analyzing its result is the one of the prominent online work currently available in the e-business
Trends of online work in Pakistan:
As most of the potential customers in Pakistan are in search of online education, software
development services, and digital marketing of their products and services and financial services,
the most of work available is related to content writing of the products and services for digital
marketing and SEO, data entry and administration services for particular business or
development of website or mobile-friendly applications for the products or services.
  With changing consumer data as per their choices and preference, a trove of information
is generated for the customization of online work. 
Online work for Youth in Pakistan:
Most of the population of Pakistan is consist of young citizen and online work is
providing some great opportunity for them to be independent and work in their comfort zone.
Most common online work option for young students and part time job seekers in Pakistan are

     I. Search Engine Evaluation and Optimization (SEO)
For the provision of better services to internet users, the use of algorithms by search
engines including Google, Safari, Yahoo, and Bing is a common work that is done by filling out
the feedback form and searching for the best searching words to make these engines worth using.
So, as e-commerce is eventually a strong economic indicator in Pakistan, the trendy of
SEO is increasing and companies are hiring different software technical and content writers to
serve this purpose and creating multi-dimension of online work in Pakistan.
   II. Online Teaching/Tutor
 If you are a young student in college o and retain a good score in your results or a
teacher with day time job you have an excellent opportunity to not only facilitate others with
your knowledge and skill but also to make a handsome living.
And as online work is not limited to any geographic area, there is an opportunity for you
to work in international boundaries, managing your schedule and use of the internet.
 Along with numerous international websites and social media platform available for online work
in Pakistan, there are few national-level opportunities too including social media group and
pages by different e-businesses and websites like:

  1.       https://www.rozee.pk/
  2.     https://rozgarpakistan.com/
  3.  https://www.paklancers.pk/

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