Top 3 Legitimate Ways to Earn Money from doing Home Based Work in Pakistan

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May 26, 2018
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May 26, 2018
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Top 3 Legitimate Ways to Earn Money from doing Home Based Work in Pakistan

Pakistan has so many problems that I don’t even know where to begin. Not the least or probably the most prominent of which, is unemployment. You’ll hear all the sociologists, economists, educationalists and other people with long titles, say plenty of things about this situation but no one has come forward with a solution just yet. However, one industry that has been thriving for the past few years in Pakistan, is the freelance working. There are now, multiple companies that hire freelancers to perform various jobs.
This has opened various paths for many people all over the country to not only earn money but also gain experience in their relative field. But this is Pakistan we are talking about, if it doesn’t create innovative ways to scam people, it ain’t Pakistani. And continuing the legacy, a huge number of people have already started scamming vulnerable youth. So, here are some ways you can avoid scams and legitimately earn money by doing freelance work in Pakistan.

Content Writing
You will see numerous ads and websites about article writing on the internet that allows you to earn thousands of rupees in a month. Although, the job opportunities are true and plenty, some unethical platforms are using it extort money. If you want the job, you must learn to identify the legitimate websites from the scams. First of all, an authorized website will not demand money from you plus, your wages will be no more than ten thousand rupees at the most. This is a great opportunity for people who aspire to be writers and love to read books. You will get a chance to write on various topics related to different industries. However, the job can become quite hard if your niche is fiction and novels because you will mostly be writing non-fiction and promotional articles.
Ads Posting
This job is different from content writing and has a greater chance of scamming because most of the ad posting companies in Pakistan demand security funds, which are refunded when you complete your job. This, however makes potential employees distrustful since they already lack money and why would they be looking for easy, home-based online jobs, if they had enough money to get by? However, not all platforms are scam, websites like, and provide legitimate work and allow easy home based earning. You will have to post multiple ads on Facebook, OLX and other social media websites.
Online Typing
Since there is virtually no concept of part-time jobs in Pakistan, the youth has to resort to other ways to earn extra money and gain experience that will benefit their career choices. Online jobs come in really handy for this. Another job, through which you can legitimately earn money in Pakistan is online typing and data entry. Companies hire freelancers to fill in official forms regarding their business and you’ll have to submit the work in under a few hours. You will get paid depending on the amount of work you do, however there are big chances of scam in this job. Always check for verification and government approved certification before contacting a company for work.

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