Top 3 Signs It’s Time to Quit your Job and Start Working From Home

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May 26, 2018
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May 26, 2018
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Top 3 Signs It’s Time to Quit your Job and Start Working From Home

If you ever find yourself googling the term ‘reasons to not quit your job’ that’s probably the first sign you should quit your job. You will find articles upon articles on this topic in the search result but most of them are only based on indirect experiences, how do you know which to trust? It’s quite ironic, actually. You spend the better half of your life getting straight A’s, to be able to admit in a good college, paying huge lumps of money to get the required education, spending hours on job hunting, only to find it unfulfilling and dissatisfying when you do get it.
There are a number of reasons as to why this happens, the biggest one of which is that you are not doing what you love. However, what if you are actually doing what you love and still feel dissatisfied with your job? Here are the signs that it’s about time you quit your job and start working from home instead.

There is No Room for Growth
When you do what you love, you want to excel in it and reach your full potential. Doing your job will stay fun as long as you have something new to learn everyday but if you are stuck in a job, doing the same task day after day, it is no wonder that you have become unmotivated. When there is no room for personal growth in your job, it is time to leave it and pursue something else. However, there are not many instances that allow substantial home based earning while also providing job enrichment. This can be a difficult decision to make in this economy, where the unemployment rate is so high that you should be grateful to at least have a job. Do not let this mentality get to you and stop you from pursuing a career you can show your true colors in.
You Don’t Want to Go to Work
If you are constantly thinking about weekends and holidays instead of paying attention to work at hand, then you may want to consider quitting your job. Moreover, if you feel uncomfortable in your work environment and dread getting up on weekdays, continuously making mistakes and find yourself procrastinating all the time, don’t fool yourself into thinking that you are just having a bad week or it’ll be fine the next day or week. The longer you postpone quitting your job, the bad it will be for everyone around you.
You’re Facing Health Problems
Mental health has a direct relationship with physical health. Coping with work related stress and dissatisfaction often results in constant headaches, insomnia, digestive disorders and could even lead to depression. These health issues will only get worst as the time goes by. You should quit your job while you can and start doing what you love. Find another job that offers you plenty of opportunities to grow and helps you reach your full potential. However, sometimes you have to bear with your circumstance and fight all these issues. Maybe you are ready to quit your job but you won’t because you still want to give it another chance.

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