ZLX Ads Posting Packages

Choose your weekly plan


Salary3000/ Weekly

Rs.3000 for 300 ZLX Ads+500 FB Posts

  • ZLX Ads+FB Posts: 300Ads+500Posts
  • Term: 7 days
  • Sign Up Fee for Golden Package is 2000.
  • “1500 Will be refunded”


Salary4500/ Weekly

Rs.4500 for 500 ZLX Ads+800 Posts

  • ZLX Ads+FB Posts: 500 Ads+800 FB Posts
  • Term: 7 days
  • Sign Up Fee for Diamond Package is 3000.
  • “2500 Will be refunded”


Salary6000/ Weekly

Rs.6000 for 500 ZLX Ads+1200 FB Posts

  • ZLX Ads+Fb Posts: 500 Ads+1200 FB Posts
  • Term: 7 days
  • Sign Up Fee for Special Package is 4000.
  • “3500 Will be refunded”


Salary8000/ Weekly

Rs.8000 for 600 ZLX Ads+1700 FB Posts

  • ZLX Ads+Fb Posts: 600 Ads+1700 FB Posts
  • Term: 7 days
  • Sign Up Fee for Master Package is 6000.
  • “5500 Will be refunded”

Entry Requirements:

Sign Up Fee is just for One time. Good knowledge of using facebook. Must have Good Internet connection, android cellphone OR laptop, PC and separate facebook accounts for Posting/Sharing. Our Packages are on weekly basis. 500 is the Account fee in our System. “1500 from Golden package, 2500 from Diamond package and 3500 from Special package will be refunded after three months in case of Proper Working”..


Sign Up fee is required for start.
Fee will not be refunded in case of leaving Project.
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